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Online Banking FAQs

Q Do I have to apply for Online Banking?

A Yes, there is an application available online that can be filled out online or you can stop by one of our locations and fill out an application.


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Q Can I have Online Banking for my Business?

A Yes, you will need to come in to one of our locations to pick up a business application. The application that is available online is for personal accounts only.


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Q Is there a fee to sign up for Online Banking?

A No, it is a free service to all Commercial Bank customers.


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Q Are there charges associated with Online Banking?

A There are no fees associated with using Online Banking. However usual charges will be assessed for special services such as stop payments, excessive withdrawals from regulated accounts, etc. Consult the fee schedule for a complete list of charges for such services.


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Q What accounts can I view online?

A You may view any account of which you are an owner or authorized signer.


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Q Will I be able to get a copy of my statement?

A Yes, once you have signed up for Online Banking and your statement cycles it will be available for you to view and print on line. Any statements that have cycled prior to signing up for Online Banking will not be available to you online. You will need to contact the Bank for a copy of those statements.


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Q Can I get a copy of a check?

A Yes, simply double click on the check number or click on "view image"


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Q Can I make loan payments?

A Yes, by making a transfer to the loan from an account at Commercial Bank.


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Q What do I need to access Online Banking?

A You will need a web browser that supports 128-bit encryption. To test your browser, simply click on Test Browser.


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Q What do I do if I don't have 128 bit encryption?

A After testing your browser the option to upgrade will be displayed. Simply click on the option and follow the instructions for free downloads to upgrade your type of software to 128 bit encryption.


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Q How do I get a User ID and Password?

A The bank will issue you a User ID and Password. It will be mailed to you the next business day after receipt of your application.


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Q What if I used the wrong Password or User ID?

A If you have attempted to sign on 3 times with the wrong Password or User ID you are automatically locked out. You will need to call the Bank at 620-421-1000 to have your Password reset.


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Q Can I have the same User ID as my spouse?

A No, each customer is issued their own User ID and Password.


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Q Can I change my Password?

A Yes, you can change your Password as often as you would like. You are required to change your Password every 180 days by the system for security reasons.


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Q How long before I can reuse a Password?

A You can not reuse the same Password for 4 changes or if you change your Password every 180 days it would be 24 months


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Q How do I change the order my accounts appear Online?

A Click on Options then click on Account. At the bottom of the page by 'Account Display Order' choose an account and use up or down arrows to change the order.